Whole Foods Market Chocolate Fest – Weymouth, MA – Sweet Decadence

February 8, 2014

Early February is when hearts begin to imagine all the fantastic possibilities that come with Valentine’s Day. For young and old, the day is a blank slate bringing with it the promise of romance, excitement, love and yes, food. And the food that most engenders romance is chocolate. Sweet, decadent chocolate.

Whole Foods Market in South Weymouth, MA seized on that reality this year by hosting an event focused solely on chocolate and dishes of all kinds created using chocolate. Their Chocolate Fest – smartly scheduled on the Saturday BEFORE Valentines Day – was to my gourmand’s eye and palate a grand success.

They asked me to stop by and indulge with them, and I did. From cocoa-dusted bay scallops to peanut butter cups to chocolate covered bacon and strawberries, Whole Foods had it all covered. In fact, I was unable to find a dish I wouldn’t gorge myself on if left alone with unlimited toothpicks and little paper sample cups.

Milk-chocolate peanut butter cups broken into delicious pieces

But enough of me using words as descriptors to this Willy Wonka-esque event, here are some photos of the items I gobbled up.

Little tubes of chocolate goodness


White chocolate and strawberry

David from Marketing with a tray full of chocolate greeted customers at the door


All sorts of chocolate was on hand to taste

Seriously sweet and tasty

Serving chocolate bark

Chocolate cups

Signs explained what each station was serving

Chocolate dipped and drizzled strawberries

All over the store, employees were serving chocolate hors d’oeuvres


Sizzling cocoa dusted scallops

Everyone was excited – the store was packed

Chocolate covered grapes

Bananas that were roasted/cooked and then paired with chocolate ice cream

And here is chocolate covered bacon

Banana in the chocolate fondue fountain

Fruit for the chocolate fondue fountain

Mmmmm, brownies

10% of each purchase goes to wildlife causes – chocolate that saves lives

Everywhere you looked, chocolate was temping you

Mmmm, chocolate for making chocolate covered grapes

Icelandic Chocolate – ingredients for some of the Chocolate Fest creations

Here’s hoping they call me for their next food event. And if you have a restaurant or a shop and would like to have me sample your menu, leave a comment here on the blog. Thanks!