Dressing Room Puncture

January 24, 2010

That while trying on eight-dollar jeans at the local thriftish store that starts with a K (Mart or Ohl’s) you hop a bit and land on an errant pin that was left behind by someone shoplifting dress shirts. While one pin prick might be annoying and painful enough, the first stick makes you jump sky-high and you land with proportionate impact on another pin, then another and another and yet, another.

The resulting anguish and pain is so severe that you decide never to wear pants again and that decision limits your interaction with other humans to a bare (pun intended) minimum AND that in turn drives you mad, makes you get 57 cats and a house without windows (see pants-free description above) where you go slowly and inexorably insane.

Just because one person left a pin on a dressing-room floor.