Manicure Mania

February 12, 2011

That while you’re getting your first manicure – a treat for your birthday or even Valentine’s Day – you relax a little and let down your guard. Next thing you know, your hands that were so comfy and resting in a hot-wax bath are now zip-tied together and you’re being ushered into a nondescript van. Also, a hood has been placed over your head.

When you finally come to a stop, you hear seagulls and waves. You’re unceremoniously pushed into a metal box that you can identify as a shipping container once you pull off your hood (hands still restrained by zipties) and you bang on the wall to no avail.

When you finally land in Marseille, France, you are taken to a farmhouse in Provence where you’re put to work picking grapes for Angelina and Brad Pitt. You don’t die, but you are extremely miserable and don’t have any hope of inheriting their fortune because unlike the other children they’ve purchased, your purpose was to work on their farm and not look cute during photo shoots.