Pool Cover Calamity – A Memorial Day Fear

May 27, 2013

When you prepare the pool early during Memorial Day Weekend, that the semi-rigid cover you thought could hold your weight is thwarted by the pizza, beer and beignets you gobbled all winter long. As you slip quickly through the gaping hole into the crusted, chilly water – leaves suctioning themselves to your body in an instant slime attack, you think you’ll easily be able to find the slit again and pull yourself to safety.

That’s not the case. The slit almost self heals and you’re stuck about four feet down from the top, bobbing in rancid, life-sapping water — still holding the brush you were using to sweep off the cover. Your last thoughts are if you bought enough hot dogs and beer for the guests who will arrive in 36 hours to find your bloated corpse floating just under the pool cover on your magnificent backyard death pit.