Wrong Shoes at SXSW 2013 – Zombie Feet Death

March 13, 2013

That in your impulsive decision to bring a pair of slip-on Merrell shoes with you to South by Southwest, you suffer some pain and swelling in your ankles and calves by your third day of walking around Austin, TX. And, instead of getting medical attention, you continue to attend events – including AllHat5, the Mashable event and the Wiley Author Party. This causes your feet to continue to swell and you realize something bad is on the horizon.

That something bad is the complete explosion of your tendons, veins and bones to the point that your feet are blown off the bottom of your legs. Then, while you bleed out, you are forced to hail pedicabs, stand in the crowded ACC and watch all the social media gurus pose in the Samsung Blogger Lounge (no, even if you pose with Shaq he isn’t calling you on your birthday), while you use bloody stumps for transit – as if you’re auditioning for a zombie movie.