Zombie Encounter – The Pool Version

August 16, 2011

That when you are watching the pool for some friends away on pleasure, you walk into the pump house to adjust the water settings and – like in the campfire stories we all dread – there’s a dead body propped up in the corner of the wooden shed. Scrambling to get away, you allow your feet to become tangled in hose and you fall backward on the concrete. But no, you don’t bang your head or even injure yourself and you smile wryly as you hop up and start to sprint away.

Then it happens, you miss a step and plunk your foot squarely into the filter hole which by this time is filled with eyeballs and other body parts because – as you notice – the pool is full of bodies and the one body you thought you were sure of, is now ambling out of the shed with a machete in its hand. As your end comes quickly and painfully – you are sure of two things: zombies are real; you aren’t really a fan of swimming pool maintenance.