2007 and our bodies are still puzzling

May 1, 2007

For the past week I’ve been fending off a slight cold. But apparently my fending was not done earnestly enough because last night the fever came and the chills and the dread and the feeling that if I were stronger I would drive myself to the cemetery and toss my soon-to-be corpse into an open grave.

Fortunately, Tylenol and Gatorade and microwavable pancakes came to the rescue.

I’m not even close to normal yet, the fever still lingers and I’m weak and achy all over. But I THINK I’m passed the bad parts.

It just makes me shake my head and wonder how we can know so little about how our bodies work – and how I can be so ignorant about my own body that I doubted the fever or pain would ever end last night.

As you can tell from the rambling, pointless blather here, my head is still cloudy. I’ll deliver more coherent info here later today I hope.

More to come…