2008 ends with breasts headed for streets of Massachusetts.

December 31, 2008

Until now, it’s been illegal for women to breastfeed in public in Massachusetts. It’s technically still illegal as there’s a bill that just passed the legislature. Once the Governor has his say – and it’s likely he’ll pass the bill – women will be able to whip out their mammary gland cases anywhere they choose as long as they do it under the guise of breastfeeding.

Do you see the same issues with this law as I do?

That’s right, pretty soon women are going to be running rampant on the T, in the streets, in museums, at restaurants and even in classrooms baring their chests. All in the name of hungry infants.

Well I don’t like it. If you need to take a leak, you find a bathroom. If you need to feed yourself, you find a cafeteria. If you need to have a private conversation, you find a quiet place out of earshot of others.

But now women are allowed to show elements of their bodies to the general public just because their children are hungry?

Get a bottle, go to the ladies’ room, let your child be hungry for a few minutes.

Further, if you think you’re going to have privacy or keep people from staring at your breasts while you feed your rugrats, you’re out of your mind. Anything you do in public – especially in this age of new-media tools and citizen journalism – could show up on the Internet and be available in all corners of the Earth for anyone to see.

You see, you don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy if you do anything in public. There are cameras on many street corners, there are Google vehicles roaming the streets and everyone and their mother has a digital camera in their cell phone. Do you think you’ll be able to sate your spawn without giving someone a clear shot at your nipple?

I’d rather you keep it in your shirt and feed your family in privacy.

What are your thoughts? Comments are open.

More to come…