Summer of content

June 12, 2006

I feel that lately I’ve been shortchanging my BOC readers by giving you my entire inattention.

That’s right…I’ve been distracted by being poor and the struggle to pile on the work. And since my work is writing, this means the genius gets passed on to the client and not so much to the Blogeratti.

Well, now I’ve been able to start to balance the work and my other obligations including the podcast, getting back in shape, and preparing for the summer of possible travel and definite other commitments.

In fact, I’ve found that when I have a regular client or a few regulars instead of a circus of clients (more than five), it gives me a nice dose of discipline. This happens in my schedule, my fitness program, my social life and the way I keep the house.

So, while I institute Donut Tuesday at new places, my place is getting cleaner (new toilet seat the other day even!), my appearance is better (shaven and more fit), my attention to friends is better (been out four out of the past seven nights) and my attitude is happier.

I’ll keep you in the loop going forward. By the way, still figuring of the addition of photos here, so don’t be discouraged that it’s not been a photofest.

More to come…