September 18, 2006

First off, a shout to Metalman and RocketGirl. Hang in there and let me know if I can do anything. Cat feeding, cooking, cleaning – OK, I can feed the cat…the other two things are probably not in my skillset.

Back to the Bowl…..

One of my favorite sites is 5ives.com.

In a similar vein I have put together today’s post with 5ives in mind.

Five things you should know about BodyWorlds2

1 – the hype is way louder than the actual impact

2 – the camel is probably the best thing there

3 – the pro-life segment is too political

4 – the show was about 50% too long

5 – I do not want to be plasticized

Five things you should know about Fluff

1 – it’s tasty

2 – it was created in Somerville, MA when Doc Brown was trying to build a flux capacitor out of sugar and egg whites

3 – the Fluff Festival is on September 30 this year

4 – Fluff is a bear to remove from back hair

5 – it’s the best stuff to plunk in hot chocolate (except for schnapps)

Five best baby names for nutmeg’s new niece

1 РAlexandra Mogilny Ball (8lbs 9oz or 89, Mogilny’s jersey number)

2 – Not-Scar (so she’ll know she’s not Oscar)

3 – Meg Ann (after some relatives)

4 – Baby (I’m no child psychologist, but I don’t think they know their name for a while)

5 – Elle Ann (also after some relatives)

Five best recent purchases

1 – Rent for Jan, Feb and March (thanks landlord for letting me squat. More months are coming)

2 – Digital voice recorder for creating ‘man-on-the-street’ versions of A Life of Play podcast

3 – Ice cream at JP Licks and Toscanini’s

4 – Sushi at various locations

5 – Passes to Six Flags New England

More to come…