June 22, 2008

I was looking at the stats on my blog the other day and realized I had just gone past the 600 mark in number of posts. That’s like doing two years full of columns or like writing a column per minute for ten straight hours.

Both seem kind of ludicrous to me.

I’m sure that when I’m doing columns for a print pub or a larger online outlet, I won’t be doing a daily piece except in extreme circumstances. Even with my current scooter infatuation or obsession, I don’t think I could write more than 22 or 23 separate columns on that topic.

So 600 is pretty big. In fact, if you compare it to homeruns, I’ve just entered the rarified air of Jr. Griffey and a few other baseball giants. Not Giants, but men who are legends in the game.

I’ve let you know before, and I’ll say it again, keep reading here at Bowl of Cheese because there’s more to come…