90 Degrees of Separation

November 27, 2007

I only have another day here in Florida, so I’m not going to complain about the weather or anything having to do with my stay down here. In fact, I’m just going to give you a recap of my recent activities and a photo of a turtle. How’s that? By the way…it’s 90 CRAZY DEGREES right now.

Saturday – put CF on an airplane. Got a note from Full Tilt Poker on how to fix my application so it would work on OS X Leopard. Had a delightful dinner of turkey with ma and pa kettle. Stayed up WAY too late playing poker online.

Sunday – Played golf. Took photos. Rested. Did some writing for clients. Shopped online.

Monday – Clipped my toenails. Took a day off from golf. Had breakfast at Amy’s Restaurant. Paid some bills. Twittered. Watched some football. Went to happy hour at a half dozen places. Slept hard and fast.

Tuesday – Golfed. Listened to a BUNCH of podcasts to clean up some stuff so I don’t have 200+ when I get back home. Blogged. Checked in online. Did some Mystery Writers of America work. Ate cookies. Found this turtle (see photo). And wrote some other stuff including a new assignment on Jeff Cutler dot com (jeffcutler.com).


More to come…