A flag’s tale

September 11, 2007

Tons of people have died in our so-called war and I don’t see an end in sight.

Like many Americans, I usually keep my head in the sand, worry about the mini things going on around me, and give short shrift to our efforts overseas.

Today will be different because while I try to avoid thinking about Iraq and war and terrorism, every sing U.S. flag in the nation will likely be lowered to half staff in rememberance of Sept. 11.

I remember where I was and the fear I felt. I also remember the love I felt for everyone around me and THAT is the feeling I try to emulate today.

I won’t be hating immigrants or republicans or even touting my new voting domain name – http://votedonkey.com – but I will be thinking positive and caring thougths about people as I go through my day.

Until I get in the first traffic jam on my way to Canada. Then I’ll be laying on the horn and mentally cursing all that is wrong with idiots who shouldn’t be on the road or even be granted a license.

Ooooh. That reminds me that I need to get my car inspected. It’s nice to have a blog to give me an outlet for the tiny bit of free association that I like to embark on each day.

Oh, yeah. War, people, love, rememberance, respect. That too.

The other problem with today is that there’s no cake.

More to come…