A year, Brookstone, uSurf and Logan Airport

February 1, 2008

So I show up at the airport for my 6AM flight (showed up at 5AM like a good little soldier) and I’m immediately snatched out of line. NO, not for THAT type of nice treatment, but because the passenger herder had a great deal for me. Instead of hopping on the plane to Atlanta at 6 and then waiting three hours in Matlock’s town for my next flight, blue-vest guy said he could put me on the direct flight at 7:30.

What would you do? I jumped at the chance to sit around logan for 90 minutes to get a direct flight to my destination.

So now I’m sitting here watching all the beautiful people mill about. It seems that blue-vest schnookered about 30 other people who are here with me. Don’t know how overbooked the Atlanta flight was, but it left about 15 minutes ago and was jammed. Maybe I should have forced the issue and got bumped, but how was I to know that at 5AM?

Oh, the headline on this post? Yeah, one year ago you’ll notics that I was writing about Brookstone’s uSurf device and a bunch of other stuff. Ironically, in about seven days I’ll be finally leaving Brookstone behind for a while to pursue other adventures.


If you haven’t heard, my one-year writing sabbatical begins on March 1. During that time I’m pursuing syndication for my columns, a couple book contracts and the production and release of a play. Sound ambitious? Sure it is. But what things worth doing aren’t ambitious. Except maybe clocking the woman next to me with my laptop bag?

Are you kidding me? She’s singing to the muzak on Logan Radio and I’ve already had enough. And it’s only 6:03. Just 87 more minutes to go. I so hope she’s seated next to me on the flight. YAY!

That’s about it for early-morning airport ranting. Chat again in about 40 minutes when I can’t take the madness anymore.

Oh, yes, more to come…