Accountability. Intelligence. Donde esta?

February 9, 2009

Here’s what’s on my mind today as I listen to Clownface talk about some of her adventures in dealing with public-sector professionals. I’ve tossed in my own observances after spending too much time around people in various locations around the city. Try to keep up. It’s in list format to make it easy to read.

Are people complete morons who can’t take any initiative or responsibility? Then why do they not know how to park and why do they cut in line at nearly every retail establishment on the face of the planet?

Wouldn’t you think that local government would have finally gotten to the point where people hired to do jobs could actually perform the requirements of those positions?

Why don’t people understand that it’s THEIR money the government wants to give to banks in the proposed bailout?

Are people so weepy over the economy that they will go to any lengths to secure a paying job? Yeah, right. Then why don’t we see more skilled help at [INSERT ANY COMPANY NAME HERE]?

Why would local police (Boston) arrest a self-proclaimed graffiti artist for putting up posters and not apprehend other people and organizations who had posters in the same location? Low-hanging fruit?

How many times do I have to go to Comcast with crappy HD DVR’s before the woman behind the counter gives me a box that actually works for longer than two months?

Will the Hingham Police ever enforce speeding in the 15-MPH zone downtown or will it happen only after someone gets hit crossing the road in front of a speeding SUV?

What’s on your mind these days? Who’s bugging you? Are you surrounded by idiots, too?

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More to come…