Add a year

January 14, 2008

One of the most quirky things I do isn’t even something I thought up. Seriously.

I might do some odd things. You know, like beep the car clicker repeatedly, not walk under awnings that have supports that reach the sidewalk, drink my tea with 2.5 packets of sugar, and put on my socks before my pants.

But in addition to doing those fun things, nearly four years ago I started collecting coins that were minted during my birth year. In theory—or superstition—for each coin you collect, you get a year of life. That means if you only have two dozen quarters with your birth year on it you’ve only got 24 years on this orb.

Well, the wrinkle in my little collection process is that the guy who inspired me to undertake this quirky collecting has the same birth year that I do and we’re both scavenging for the same quarters. Further, our year seems to be one that didn’t have that many quarters minted.

So, if you see a quarter like the one below in your change jar or sitting on your dresser, please send it to me. It will only cost you a quarter and the cost of a stamp. But you’ll make a boy really happy.


More to come…