July 11, 2007

This past weekend I spent some time decompressing in Boston and out in Ayer. Work’s been pretty intense for CF and my obligations before the trip to France have also been wearing. So we took a little break from that stuff and wandered around.

Here are two shots of the things I saw this weekend. Michelle’s wedding shots are still languishing in my camera, so those will go up later this week if I get a chance.


This is a shot of a parachute coming down on a field in Pepperill, MA. The wind was screaming and the people operating the sky-diving company were similar to what I’d expect to find at a moonshine ‘factory’ in rural Alabama. That said, CF and I did NOT sign up to jump.

In addition, the wedding that was taking place next door in the middle of a field had a nice bluegrass band playing and a huge Confederate flag flying from a corner of the stage. Am I still in 2007? What the heck!!?


A few years ago I developed a taste for sushi. I figure by now I’ve spent upwards of $6000 on sushi, so now I go to places like Shino that offer HUGE amounts of good sushi for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. I also like to frequent the sushi bar at the Porter Exchange Building in Cambridge, MA.

That’s all for now. Jeff Cutler is breathing calmly and focusing on getting his work done.

More to come…