All tied up

February 26, 2007

We all know what it’s like to be busy. Not so busy that you can’t think, but right on the cusp of busy where everything you do seems rushed and your very skin tingles at the worry that you might be forgetting something vital.

I had a weekend like that.

As I prepared for a presentation to a national pizza chain, I was also faced with editing a brochure for a CPA firm and revising a Website for Grampy’s.

I was successful in all three endeavors and actually have to rush out the door in about nine minutes to go meet with the pizza chain’s head of marketing. But the topic I’m trying to touch right here is our persistent quandary of purpose.

Where does it end? Do we need to be working weekends and doing multiple jobs just to make ends meet?

The pizza project seems to be a straightforward one. They are in need of some services and I’m well-qualified to provide them. I fear, though, that like other organizations they won’t want to pull the trigger on bringing in seasoned, professional help.

That’s par for the course and all that crazy mumbo jumbo people say to alleviate the pain and frustration they feel when the time the spend doing one thing could be better spent doing other projects.

For if the pizza organization decides to keep the status quo, I think their materials will suffer and the brand will continue to become washed out. But will it destroy the company? Will it affect the bottom line? Yes, but marginally.

So here I sit with a tie on, wondering if I should have just said no to this opportunity, instead of getting all tied up in it.

More to come…