And on the fourth day he ate a proper meal

January 11, 2008

The Turkey Tip lunch has already been canceled by Drew, but as I stare out the library window at the sheets of rain I realize I need some food.

It’s been more than three days since I had something that could masquerade as a meal and now I’m ready. No more cans of mini Ravioli. No more soup. No more breakfast sausages in the microwave. And no more cup-after-cup-after-cup of hot chocolate with a splash of milk to make it healthy.

I’ve even gone through all my eggs. So I don’t even need Ernie or Bert to help me count the ones I have left.

But I digress.

The bummer of this entire situation is that when you’re home and sick you seldom have the mental acuity to realize if you placed a PeaPod order on Tuesday you would be up to your eyeballs in all manifestation of food. Here it is Friday and the larder is bare and I’m going to have to venture into the rain to find something tasty to replace the aforementioned Turkey Tip.

As an aside, wouldn’t a turkey tip be a beak? That’s just wrong.

So it’s 11:35, I have a half a tank of gas, a splitting headache, some clean clothes on my clean body, and a plan to hunt down a turkey tip lunch.

Good luck in your meal finding today, too.

More to come…