Best move EVER Boston! Pedestrians, bikes and scooters should be banned!

September 26, 2008

It’s about time that some laws were enforced in the city and according to, the steps to crack down on errant bicyclists has begun. But it’s not enough.

What about the pedestrians who wander like squirrels into the roadway? They cross anywhere they feel like it which means the city and state could have just saved all the money they spent on paint for crosswalks and used it for unnecessary details.

If people are squirrels in a deadly dash, idiots in cars only make it worse. If someone is breaking the law by littering, do you call them on it? What about if they’re smoking in a non-smoking establishment? Talking in a theater?

Well how about bringing that sense of community vigilance to the streets? When someone crosses the street NOT IN A CROSSWALK, it is your duty as a motorist to run the person down. If you stop short, you’ve endangered the passengers in your car, the people in cars behind and around you, and essentially the entire civilized nation.

By running these pedestrians down you’ll also be helping to adjust the ratio of good pedestrians vs. bad.

Feet and bike tires aren’t the only conveyances that need a heads-up. Scooters are the latest worst offenders. Many scooterists have taken the worst of the pedestrian and the worst of a bicyclist and rolled them into one recipe for disaster.

Some scooter riders split the lanes (illegal in MA) to get to the front of a light. Some ignore red lights because they are small and can dash across intersections. Some ride faster than the law allows. And some park anywhere they can – sometimes even taking up spots reserved for cars and contributing to our already ridiculous parking problem in Boston.

If the police are going to start to crack down, let’s see it for everyone. Even cars can be bad from time to time.

The other day when riding my scooter (I’m one of the good ones) from Somerville to Boston, I was behind a truck that ignored two successive stop signs and then blasted through a red light. I got his plate number and was ready to report him to the police but I didn’t know what the process was. I was also afraid that someone who was willing to endanger or kill oncoming drivers was unbalanced enough to track me down and kill me too.

So what’s the solution? How about SmartTown? Nobody dumb, ignorant or otherwise afflicted would be allowed to enter.

Until the pedestrians, bicyclists, scooterists and other drivers wake up, it’s going to be a joy to see hoards of them taken away to the big house. Go get ’em Blue!

More to come…