Bikes and baths

May 1, 2008

I hopped on the mountain bike for a quick blast down the street to my parent’s house. The half-mile ride served two purposes. First, it allowed me to spend some time with my mother (guilt averted) and some time with my father (delivered the local paper to him because it still comes to my house even though I’m not writing regularly for them).

The second purpose was to get me in shape.

Seriously. A half mile might not seem very far when you’re in a car or on a scooter on falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon, but on a human-powered bicycle it’s a long way.

And now that I’m in shape I’ll be ready to ride the 42 miles all over New York City this weekend. That’s right, I’m doing the Five-Boros Ride with 29,999 other people and I feel great.

But in case I’m not ready, here is the bath I’m going to buy to soothe my body and soul. I saw it on an infomercial while I was eating the treats that I got from the ice-cream man

Want to get your own bath? Go here and order one.

In a funny way, this bath is called the Glacier Bay which is the name of a beer I used to drink when I was a poor college student.

I wish I was in the shape I was back in college. Then that NYC ride wouldn’t be too tough. Yipes!

More to come…