Boston IFF 2007 – Day 2

April 26, 2007

I’m writing this from the Filmmaker’s lounge on the third floor of the Somerville Theater after having walked out of my first film this year. Sure, I’ve only been to a handful so far, but I wasn’t at all pleased with the camera work in Kinetta.

According to the IFF guide, the movie is about a nameless trio who regularly re-enact – or act out – the murders that have been plaguing their seaside town.

That’s cool as a storyline, but the jittery camera was so shaky that it was on the edge of nauseating. There’s a fine line between being artsy and making your audience sick. I felt that Kinetta accomplished the latter.

Otherwise, the highlights of the evening have been the ticket machine malfunction (which caused some long lines and puzzled staff members) and the appearance of the mayor to see On Broadway, a film shot all over Boston.

Unfortunately, all the glitterati and FOMs (friends of Menino) jammed the lobby and sucked up all the tickets for this show. In fact, as I showed up at the theater this afternoon, the SOLD OUT sign was already up.

C’est la vie.

As for the rest of the night, I’m going to head back to my city apartment and do some writing for another client. Then I’ll be heading back into the square to see The Good Times Kid with an accompanying short film called the Haircut.

Oh, yes. The short that preceded Kinetta was cool. It was called Motodrome. Shot in Germany…or at least with a German cast…in 2005, the film was simple fun. With a backdrop of a carnival, you see a handful of motocycle riders and a racecar driver cruise around a wooden velodrome at high speed.

There’s no commentary or dialogue, but it was light and fun.

More to come…