Boston Marathon Bombers – A Theory on Where We Stand Now

April 19, 2013

I was going to write this as more of a news article instead of opinion and supposition, but I figured my theory is either going to be wrong or right and it’s not going to matter in the long run. In fact, I almost made this a Paranoia blog post, but there’s only two paragraphs there for which to share my thoughts. I need more room than that…so here goes…

Taking some of the investigative thought process from watching umpteen episodes of NCIS, and from decades as a member of the Mystery Writers of America, I’m positing the following theory. I’m also going to share the timeline as I understand it – simplified as there are plenty of online resources where you can find out more.

So let’s get this started. The timeline as I see it is…

1 – two kids bomb the Boston Marathon on Monday

2 – social media and other technologies are used to try and identify the kids

3 – 4Chan, the FBI and others use videos and photos and come up with identities for the two kids on Thursday (maybe sooner)

4 – Thursday night the kids reportedly kill an MIT cop and wound an MBTA cop. They then take their car – a green Honda Civic – and another car – a Mercedes SUV with carjacked driver inside – to Watertown, MA where there’s a shootout with police. The carjacked driver gets away. Suspect 1 – the 26-year-old kid is wounded badly during the firefight and then is run over by his brother, who takes off in the green Honda Civic.

5 – all heck breaks loose and the FBI and armed services and police congregate on Watertown, MA and subsequently lock down the better part of the city of Boston and surrounding cities/towns.

6 – this lockdown continues for most of the day Friday when it’s suddenly called off after the police labs have presumably processed the evidence in the now recovered green Honda Civic.

My theory is that this processing of the vehicle – similar to what Abby on NCIS does – found evidence that a great deal of blood was found inside. More blood than anyone can lose and stay alive for long. Blood that was tied – at least by blood type – to suspect number 1.

Therefore, the state police and Deval Patrick felt confident enough that the kid was lying dead somewhere in the communities near where the car was recovered. They let enough time pass that it would be impossible for him to survive unless he got medical attention – and they addressed this by locking down all local hospitals and closing all businesses for the day.

Further, the state police admitted that they think the suspect is still in Massachusetts. They did NOT say that they think he’s still alive.

What do you think has happened? Why would they lift a lockdown if such a dangerous kid was on the loose?