Boston Red Sox – chipping away

February 21, 2007

Check out this story about how the Red Sox have FINALLY chosen a chip sponsor for the team.

Lovely use of their talent. Maybe they could get some more pitching and get an outfielder who has an arm and some real range. This town hasn’t been the same since Dwight Evans left! In fact, when Jeff Cutler tried out for the team (actually a scouting bureau tryout) in 1992, that was the last time the team had a shot a true, five-tool player.

Coincidentally, Jeff Cutler did work for the team from May 1988 to March or April of 1989 as a writer. Go figure.

Completely unrelated to this topic is the appearance of a duck in the right sidebar. This duck was saved from a most certain stockpot death, and now he patrols Bowl of Cheese. You can reward him by clicking on the ‘more’ tab and feeding him a peanut or some bread. He will thank you with a quack.

Actually, you have to click on him, without the food, to get him to quack.

And back on topic, Curt Schilling will file for free agency after this year. We’d best hope the Sox win the series again this year.

More to come…