Breakfast at Tiffany’s

December 9, 2007

It’s funny how people – including me – slow to a crawl after accomplishing an amazing feat. You’ll probably argue that writing a blog entry every day for a month wasn’t THAT BIG a deal. And you’d probably be right in that regard.

But think about marathon runners who shy away from road work for a few weeks after a big race. And swimmers who cross the English Channel are reticent to even drink a glass of water for up to a week.

I find myself in that same realm right now, but I think the clouds are clearing. I’m back into the blog pattern and today I wanted to share with you my day’s activities.

1 – went downtown to see Christmas on the Square, took photos of horses, drank cider provided free by a bunch of people who called themselves lions, and generally had a grand holiday time.


2 – went to the sausage store. Yes, the same place where we purchased a dozen varieties of sausage for our appropriately named sausage fest. Bought some prosciutto, some weiswurst and some breakfast sausage.


3 – visited Whole Paycheck (some people call it Whole Foods) and bought some cheese and some bread for a feast to enjoy in the bungalow.

4 – and now we’re watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


I’ve never seen the film, but I’m sure that I’ll like it. It’s got that guy from the A-Team in it and he’s a writer…so of course I can relate. What with all my spy experience and my writing career.

Feel free to comment below or call the comment line. YES, Bowl of Cheese has a comment line now. If you leave a comment I’ll post the MP3 file right here in the blog. The number is 206-888-2715.

That’s all for now. More to come…