July 9, 2006

Aside from keeping us indoors for the greater part of the spring, the rains have created a fantastic breeding ground for mosquitoes. This has affected me in ways I impart here with as much fervor as I can muster.

INSECTS BLOW! Oh my goodness. There are bugs everywhere and they won’t let you live.

In fact, I was at a patio cocktail party last night in Waltham and even with the six cintronella torches, the three triple-wick candles and bug spray – THEY STILL TOOK ABOUT A PINT out of every partygoer.

The bugs have foiled the golf, biking and hammock endeavors I had planned for March, April, May and June. Now it’s July and I’m planning to brave the winged maurauders with fun in all the aforementioned categories.

Watch this space to see if I get Avian Flu, Encephilitis or some other infectious disease as a result of my bravery.

More to come…