Bundled People

February 12, 2008

Not bundled like newspapers, but bundled up like Nanook of the North.

Here are some random voyeur photos of people struggling against the cold on Newbury Street in Boston yesterday.



Shopkeeper setting up in the cold. I have NO idea how he was doing that outside in barely a shirt. Yikes!


Another superman. He was dashing from his car to put coins in the meter. But believe me when I tell you it was far too cold to have your coat open on this day.


Check out the boots on the person on the right. More style than substance. Cold toes.


The water in her hand has already frozen and she just came out of the Asian market on the corner.


Sorry so blurry. The chick on the right was all about looking good while freezing off very important parts of her anatomy. It’s a shame that so much style can be paired with so little gray matter.


Now THAT’s how you bundle up.


And here we see the ever-present Newbury Street gang. I promise that you’ll be more pleased with the warm weather shots I’ll post in May and June.

More to come…