Buying online? Why bother?

December 24, 2007

Unless you’re getting everything delivered to the house late (say January 8 or so), then buying online is a complete waste of time.

Well, not if you plan ahead. But if you’re buying online today—Dec. 24—as I am, then you’re still going to face hoards of people in line at the pick-up counter.

You see, Cindy’s birthday was earlier this month and I didn’t quite close the deal and get her a gift. So she’s going to have to wait until January. But it’s not her gift that I’ve got to pick up today…it’s my mum’s. I’m getting her a wireless world so she’s not a vagrant Wijacker cruising the back alleys of the Internet like a criminal. That’s right, I’m bringing her from 1974 to 2005 in one gift-giving process.

No, 2007 would be too much shock. I’m just going to get her on a laptop with wifi and email. That’s all. No Twitter, no Jaiku, no YouTube…well, maybe some YouTube.

But for me to get her set up I had to clear off my former iBook, load it with Tiger, manipulate a bunch of the settings, get a wireless router and do it all before tomorrow morning.

I forgot the one essential piece of the puzzle and that was the router. So I jumped online and got it at Best Buy, but now I’m destined to waste my lunch hour standing with other people—many of whom I consider idiots for shopping so late—to get this gift.

I’m also a dolt.

Will let you know how this adventure goes, in fact if the situation is hazardous I’ll post a photo to
More to come…