March 4, 2008

Holy crap. It’s now day two of the writing project and I nearly forgot about the trash.

That’s right, it’s trash day every other Tuesday.


Therefore, my primary fear is that in about 363 days you’ll find me unshaven in the same clothes I put on March 1, with dozens of cats, piles of garbage and a manifesto on my homemade end table.

By the way, that won’t happen for about nine reasons. Here are four…

1 – I shaved today

2 – The lady across the street is in charge of cats (her name does NOT begin with an M)

3 – I put out the trash

4 – I have already—at two days in counting today—written two pieces for publication

By the way, it’s about 60 degrees here today.


I’m going to get a few more things done on my list and then I think I’m going to take myself and my laptop to the beach or an outdoor location to do some more writing. Barring that, I’ll bring my research materials with me and move my regular reading time of 3-5 up to around 1-3 so I can enjoy the day.

More to come…