Car parts

March 28, 2007

I’ve just recently had a bunch of car-part spams delivered here to Bowl of Cheese. I’m not sure if this is the result of my extravagant vehicle tastes or if it’s because I recently told someone I need a new brake light, but it’s certainly odd.

I fear that we’re moving ever faster toward Idiocracy (the movie) and The Truman Show (the movie) and complete cultural fold-in and introspection. What that means, as I’ve befuddled myself a little, is that we’re now on the path to paying attention to so many stupid little things that we’re in a spiral of degenerating IQs and sensibilities.

For example, I’m now spending quite a few of my waking moments on Twitter and iChat. I also have been bitten by the YouTube bug and fear that I’ll be on MySpace and Second Life soon (OK, I’ll fess up. I have accounts on MySpace and Second Life already).

Further, my hoarding of domain names and adoption of new technology – see my upcoming posts and articles on the GoPro Digital Hero3 camera (you WILL need a time machine to see these pieces as I have to write them still) – illustrates how little a person can do in the ‘real’ world and still contribute to society.

While my bikes sit idle and my fingers continually fly across the keyboard, I wonder if all I’m going to do to remain in shape this year is uSurf and play Perfect Dark on N64.

More to come…