Caught on film

April 25, 2008

Today I’d like to share with you a few photos from the PawSox game yesterday. It’s amazing what sort of images you can capture with a fast enough camera and enough preparation.

First shot is of the scoreboard. It’s made up of electric lights and even in broad daylight the camera was able to catch the lights.

While that might be cool, I think stopping action is even cooler. Here’s a shot of the flags in right center field blowing like mad in the wind. The camera makes them freeze.

Then there’s the game. Here’s a batter for the Syracuse Sky Chiefs who smashed a home run in this at bat. With my anticipatory skill I was able to catch the ball leaving his bat at the end of his swing. Cool, huh?

Isn’t that outstanding? Now look at these shots of the fans. Aren’t they peppy and happy to be at the game? I think so. The first two shots are just general shots of the fans and then I’ll show you a stop-action of a fan who seems to see something in the stands.

Here’s another shot of the fans. Boy, the stands were stacked…I mean packed with fans.

And now look at the guy in the next row who seems to have a crick in his neck and is turned way around for some reason. It’s puzzling.

And now finally see what happens when he’s caught leering.

He has to quickly turn back to the field. I abhor that type of behavior and hope this post has been a lesson for all of you. Let’s recap…

Cameras can freeze action.

It’s windy at the ball game.

The Paw Sox did find a way to lose yesterday.

That man in row B didn’t really have a crick in his neck.

Some women wear clothes that are missing fabric and could be chilly.

More to come…