Cheese Sandwiches

April 22, 2008

John C. Dvorak has recently gotten into a tweet-rant about how a cheese sandwich is not a cheese sandwich if there are other ingredients beyond the basic cheese. He’s right.

A cheese sandwich is simple. Just cheese and bread.

Now what’s the best cheese sandwich? That’s up to your mood, your budget and your location. You’re not going to be putting head cheese on a sandwich if you’re in the arctic. The best you can hope for is string cheese on Wonder Bread.

But I digress and probably disgust. I prefer the following three sandwiches when making a cheese sandwich. Please share yours in the comments.

1 – Goat Cheese on a baguette. The cheese should be room temperature and can be dusted with some of the cheese rind to give a more complex flavor. No condiment is needed. Bread should be fresh from the bakery so the cheese melts a tiny bit.

2 – Muenster on a bulkie roll. Two or three slices – thick slices – and a fresh roll. That’s tasty. A touch of mustard can be injected into the mix or not. A delight.

3 – Buffalo Mozzarella on a hard roll. I’m not sure if John allows us to put veggies on the cheese sandwich in his world, but I choose to put a fresh Roma tomato slice on my Buffalo Mozzarella sandwich.

There you have it. And all three of these sandwiches would fit neatly in a bowl.

More to come…