Chris Brogan is Old

April 8, 2008

Chris Brogan’s birthday is today and you’re encouraged to share your birthday wishes with him. Chris is a guy I met through the local podcasting group (as if everywhere has their own local podcasters’ society) and I’ve learned by knowing him that energy and creativity are not dead. And that smart people attract smart people to create intelligent conversations about/and solutions to any challenge.

Here’s what I left for a comment on Chris Brogan’s blog...

Wow. I will also say Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Week, Happy Birthday Month.

It’s also my birthday month and soon we’ll enter the bliss of my birthday week. I am squarely on the line between presence and presents and it all depends on my perspective.

Here’s my Back to the Future version of my world – only because you asked us for a recap/recount of ourselves and our activities/lives…

Was – an insecure guy who redefined himself in college to be a better student and person. A transformation into a man who seeks attention for his writing and likes to help change things with words.

Am – a secure and intelligent human who genuinely cares about other people as much as a single person can. A writer who is a book author, columnist, blogger, podcaster, poet, screenwriter, journalist and reporter. An accomplished networker who sometimes gets gnarled up in playing devil’s advocate. A wondering wanderer who thinks that if none of this twittering and blogging is monetizable, then what’s it all for? A contributor to various publications and communities and societies…through my actions and written materials. Happy.

Will be – a two-time, three-time, four-time and more author. A recognized columnist and blogger. A writing pro who enjoys the freedom to share ideas with a wide audience. Who also is able and willing to write from anywhere in the world and develop stories from these varied locales.

Find me at or read some random stuff at or get scared by or just send me a tweet – use bowlofcheese or jeffcutler – I get both.

That’s all for now.

More to come…