Chris Brogan, Three Words, The Future – Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

I enjoy reading Chris Brogan’s article on three new words every year. While I’ve been a bit unfocused since dad died in 2011, I’ve still tried to emulate the words he might have used each year. These are words like trust, love, laugh. For 2013, I’m poised to regain my focus, strive for more personal and professional success, and continue to enjoy my life.

The words I’m going to use are: stream; dream; and clean. While they rhyme with a little poetic license, the background for the words is this…

Stream – Live life in the moment. The reminder is to think of a stream as it rushes or trickles past the shore. When you step into that stream, you can only step into it in one spot. Be content with your decision and your place in the stream. And do what you can to enjoy where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. It means more IRL interaction, too.

Dream – The biggest concept. Without dreams, you have no path. I was raised with the belief that good things will happen. So, I choose to dream big dreams and enjoy the results of these dreams. This doesn’t mean I’m going to go all Willy Loman and be unrealistic in my interpretation of the world as it exists. I’m going to capitalize on some dreams I’ve had in the hopper for a few years and take what comes from those efforts.

Clean – While I literally want to be clean (soap, etc.) I also want to live a cleaner and healthier life. To that end I’m going to start some habits that get me into better shape physically and mentally. I’m going to jettison people and items that don’t bring me well-being. And I’m going to try to live more simply.

That’s my missive and my three words for 2013. Thanks Chris for the inspiration. What are yours?