Cleveland on vacation in Boston

August 18, 2008

I spent Monday in Boston acting like a tourist and I was astounded by the people around me who were doing the same thing.

In a comment to Clownface, I said that Faneuil Hall Marketplace looked as if the city of Cleveland transported their entire population 15 hours to the east.

There were LOTS of healthy people wobbling around the city shouting at their children (shorter versions of the healthy wobblers) and posing with every statue and landmark they could wobble up to.

Maybe it’s Tom Menino’s charisma or his eloquence, but I think he’s drawing people from all over the country to visit his fair city.

In fact, as a result of the fixed price restaurant week in Mumble’s city, I spent the night eating my weight in Italian food at Fiore Restaurant in the North End. I have to admit that I had two dinners and a few desserts BEFORE my journey to the North End. But I did walk all the way from the Custom House to Hanover Street. I also walked back.

I’ll take a hard look at the people I encounter in Boston tomorrow and let you know if they’ve improved at all. Maybe when Menino invites visitors to Boston, he should provide them a bike as they get off the plane and point them to one of the fantastic bike lanes he’s building all around Boston.

More to come…