Clocks, Frost and Patriots

November 5, 2007

Let’s get this right out there right now. If you didn’t realize it, my mood goes up and down with the success of the New England Patriots football team. If you’re not familiar, they’re the team that is now 9-0 and doing so well that even people who don’t watch football have picked them to win the Super Bowl.

I have not picked them to win the Super Bowl or to win any games. And to be more clear, I HATE THE PATRIOTS. On NINE successive Mondays (and a couple Tuesdays when the Pats play Monday night) I have been in a dour mood. Here are the reasons I hate the Patriots…

They were so bad for so long that it was a comfort to me each weekend knowing at least one team would lose and be worse than my beloved Dolphins.

I love the Dolphins and the Patriots are the arch nemesis of the Dolphins (even though people here think their nemesis is Indy or the Jets).

Tom Brady is a fake.

Bill Bellichick is a cheater.

Rodney Harrison is a steroid-enhanced freak.

and the list goes on.

The only good thing I can say about the Patriots is that they have created a great stadium and that Randy Moss is on my fantasy team, so he better keep catching touchdown passes this year.

On to other topics.

Daylight savings time is a crock. Don’t ask what side of the tiny bed I got up on today because I think you know. Writing this blog entry is likely going to make me late but I have to get it out there for both my sanity and for NaBloPoMo (a blog entry per day in the month of November).

Oh, daylight savings. Yeah, a crock. It makes so little sense to me that I can hardly explain it. Why adjust the clocks so arbitrarily? Let’s just deal with the darkness. In the darker (pun intended) ages, it was an important move to save our resources. Especially when life was centered around the farm and we needed to have daylight hours to harvest food. That’s not the case anymore. So let’s scrap it.

No more super darkness descending at 3PM. No more bright lights waking us at 5AM. Just put the clocks back to where they were. If I had a slightly more flexible schedule with my clients (see Novel Ideas), I would not even adopt daylight savings and live my life on Jeff Cutler time. C’est la Vie.

Speaking of France, I bet it’s not cold over there. But outside my house right now I have a tiny car that’s wasting fuel so that it will be toasty when I get in it in four minutes. Why? BECAUSE it’s covered with frost.

And, harkening way back to the daylight savings rant – remember that?? – if we didn’t turn the clocks back an hour the frost on the car would be melted by the time I started my commute.

Now tell me that daylight savings is good for the environment.


More to come…