Colin and Jonah – Elvi of a different colour

January 14, 2007


Wearing red and white jumpsuits – respectively – Colin and Jonah descended upon Las Vegas Nevada last Monday to celebrate the King’s 72nd birthday. They do this each year to honor the memory of Elvis Presley, and January 8, 2007 was no different.

Even though both men are clearly insane, they have retained the mental acuity necessary to rent flamboyant jumpsuits, board a plane, navigate this active city and spread the word effectively to tens of people that Elvis would have been 72 had he lived.

I was in Vegas covering CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) when I ran across Colin and Jonah at the New York New York Casino. We were eating in adjoining booths at the Nathan’s near the roller coaster and their appearance and APPEARANCE caused me to stare and to ruminate on tradition.

Too often, people jump on a ‘tradition’ because it’s popular. St. Patrick’s Day, Groundhog Day, Talk like a Pirate Day – they’re all very popular but they’re also ‘me too’ occasions. Why not establish something that you can do that sets you apart from the masses?

Colin and Jonah, unless there’s some evil intervention from their wives or wives to be, should be able to continue their honoring of the King for decades. They do it tastefully and with creativity.

Unlike the cretins who drink green beer or those who continue to think chocolates and flowers need to be handed out willy-nilly on St. Valentine’s Day – these friends take a special event and put their own twist on it. They’ve also created their own tradition, which is really what I wanted to talk about today.

When we’re young we effortlessly remain in touch with people we care about and frequently take for granted the time we spend together and the memories we create. Then as years pass, this time gets gobbled up by other obligations that might in some instances be fleeting (first marriages, jobs – don’t get me started about people who let work get in the way of life, games and addictions).

When was the last time you called a childhood friend or made time to really send a note to a person you take for granted? It’s funny that I mentioned addiction in my earlier paragraph because this little story took place in a venue – Las Vegas – that thrives on people’s addictions.

And to further that thought, some of the programs that help people deal with addiction have a cure-all for the nonchalance with which we treat others and for the seeming disregard with which we observe traditions. I’m not sure of the specific naming convention it has in each program, but it’s comprised of making amends to those you have wronged in any way.

So while we raise a toast – be it beer, champagne, soda or a jelly-donut cocktail – to Colin and Jonah, let’s try to remember the people around us who still matter. The people we still love everyday, no matter what little things get in the way.

Maybe telling these people how much they mean could become a tradition too.