The Crafty Genius of Bill Belichick

October 3, 2016

It seems to me that the Bills weren’t THAT good this weekend. Bill Belichick just decided it was time to lose. Try to keep up with me…

All of New England sat stunned at 4PM Sunday afternoon. The very foundation on which the fan base has built its arrogance over the past 15 years was shaken to the core. Bill Belichick’s troops were just shut out by the Rex Ryan-led Buffalo Bills and all was wrong with the world.

Or was it?


Perhaps Bill in another ‘crazy-like-a-fox’ move got exactly the outcome he expected and wanted. Instead of cementing the valid belief that the New England Patriots can win with Cassel, Tebow, Brissett, Garoppolo and even Edelman at the helm, he’s done it again. He’s pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, primed his players for Tom Terrific’s return, and architected the AFC East’s composition for the next half dozen years.


Don’t believe me? Do you really believe that the same team that shut out Houston last week was outplayed by Tyrod Taylor and the Bills? In grand fashion, this is the best outcome for the last game of Brady’s Deflategate suspension.

In a nutshell…

By ordering Brissett to tank in this game, Belichick removed the spotlight from both his ‘injured’ backup quarterbacks. Other teams won’t be pestering Bill for a trade until at least next season.

The loss provides the powers that be in Buffalo with the belief that Rex is better than he is and therefore there won’t be any unanticipated changes at the helm in Buffalo for a couple more years.

Brady’s massive ego is soothed because he’ll see himself as the savior of the franchise again and will play as hard as he can for Bill until his contract is up in a bit over a year.

The rest of the NFL will now think they’ve seen flaws in the fabric of New England’s game plan and will gear up to beat the team the same way Buffalo did.

He rested a handful of players now instead of chancing another unfortunate outcome in the last game of the season down in Miami – as happened last year when they choked away home-field advantage.

And the local sports-radio hosts (and all Boston media) will have something to chirp about as they give Bill a wide berth in light of his horrible coaching performance.

Unfortunately it’s all a sham. This game was coached and acted to perfection by the master.

From Belichick faking a tantrum during the game [ ] to his move to make Garoppolo inactive for the game (lest he be forced to use the most talented QB on this team if Brissett went down).

He’s got everyone fooled and now he’s got a team of newly motivated players ready to go for the next 3/4 of the season. Even his aging, avocado-eating, system quarterback won’t see through this move and will truly think that it’s his golden arm that has something to do with the Patriots’ upcoming nine wins.

I’m sorry, but it’s not Tom, Jacoby, Jimmy or even Gronk that makes this team put up Ws. It is and always has been the system. With enough time Belichick could have slotted in 20 other NFL QBs and ended up with championship rings on his fingers. Enjoy the wins and enjoy the genius that is Bill Belichick.

But don’t let yourself get fooled that anyone else has control over how high this team goes.