Current Events

August 8, 2006

Here’s a quickie list of the current events that are plaguing the universe and my quick take on each event/announcement/item/tidbit.

Apple announces their top-end towers and Leopard OS. My take: Apple is brilliant in its marketing and introduction schedule for new products. These items were announced at the World Wide Developers Conference yesterday.

By the way, the tower isn’t anything great, but the operating system is HUGE. If you have ever lost data due to a hard drive, system or operator error, Apple has now created a nearly perfect way to prevent that from affecting you. They have introduced a functionality called Time Machine in the new Leopard OS. With Time Machine, you can backdate your computer (and back-up the files and system) regularly and automatically.

As I understand it, this is similar to Microsoft’s System Restore function. But Time Machine allows you to go back and restore files, applications, setting and more – anything that was on your disk before it had an incident. Crazy and great. Now people will take the time to back up their precious files and there will be fewer headaches. Unless you’re still using Windoze.

Next, the president swears. Eh. Who cares. He’s not smart enough to realize that he was in front of an open microphone? Oh, well. You voted for him.

Coors’ drunk driving – I’m surprised it’s the first time an Anheuser, a Busch, a Molson, a Bartles or a Coors was caught drunk driving. You think that with all the taste testing that supposedly goes on in these companies, that more people would be driving off the road with regularity. Why do you think that Mr. One (of Kettle One) has his own driver?

Weather – stupid people. There is often weather taking place right outside your door…every day! Sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes it’s wonderful. But it’s MANUFACTURED news. Unless there’s a tsunami or other disaster, we can all find out the weather just by stepping outside for a minute or even by opening a window. Please give us back the six minutes of broadcast time you’ve stolen from our real news.

Ethanol – if you don’t realize it yet…Ethanol costs more energy and money to produce than gasoline. Ethanol only supports the subsidized corn growers and adds a nice layer of corruption to the middle of the country. There are better fuels we can use for energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so let’s see where it’s all gone. Visit Popular Science for a bunch of info on alternate energy sources.

Floyd Landis may have cheated, but we know that Bill Clinton cheated and we did less to him than we’re doing to a simple bicyclist from Georgia. Get your priorities straight. And Landis looks MUCH better in bike shorts than Bubba ever did.

That’s all. One day at a time in getting back on the blog horse.

More to come…