Cutlets from the Airplane

March 25, 2011

The other day, I was flying JetBlue from Ft. Myers to Boston and pulled out my laptop. EVERYONE knows that a plane is likely the worst place to try and get work done, but I did it anyway because I had 500 messages in my inbox and thought I could at least clear that stuff out.

Lo and behold, I remained inspired and uncramped – seated as I was in an extra legroom, exit-row seat with an empty seat beside me. So I went a bit further and compiled the following list of quick thoughts. I’m dedicating them to people I know who are able to work on planes. Because of the admiration I have for that ability. These folks include Jeff Pulver, Chris Brogan, CC Chapman, Steve Garfield, Saul Colt, Bob Knorpp, Alex Howard, Peter Kim, Aaron Strout, Adam Cohen and Scott Monty. Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.


Best way to know if your Twinkie has been tampered with is to take it on an airplane. If the wrapper gets all puffy, it’s unadulterated.

I want airlines to allow us to take photos and video on landing. Trouble is, those apps are on our phones or they’re electronic devices.

Would you bring a pet on a plane? Saw a dog on this flight, but it’s been very quiet…thankfully.

Shouldn’t flight attendants have a height requirement? Part of the job is accessing overhead bins, right?

The green/red symbol for bathroom occupancy doesn’t help the 8% of people who are color-blind.

You should be allowed to take off your shoes in flight ONLY if you don’t have smelly, hobbit feet. Otherwise, keep your feet housed.

I’d like to see a more intelligent way to board planes. Some already do it right, from back to front – but most have odd methods.

I’m all for planes eliminating carry-ons bigger than a laptop bag. If your bag won’t fit under your seat, it should be checked.

I wish I could remember the place that auctions off all the lost bag contents. Yes, this comment is at odds with the one above.

Best thing to do with your laptop or phone on an airplane is to compose blog posts, tweets, emails or organize your files. Outside of playing Angry Birds.

Got any flight wishes or complaints? Leave them here in the comments. And if you have a secret for getting work done on a flight, let me know. I still just watch the TV or listen to my podcasts most of the time.