October 3, 2007

I’m usually the least PC person on the planet – witness my belief that ADD is a myth, that saying “Jehovah Witness Protection Program©” is really funny, that if someone is an idiot their heritage or skin color or socioeconomic status doesn’t qualify them for a job that should be based on ability, that people who talk on cell phones in cars or drive too fast or pass on the right should all be caned – but just today I realized I need the NAACP or AFL/CIO or Moral Majority or someone to speak on my behalf.

It seems that Google or Evite or some ad-pushing service is making fun of me and I don’t like it. See this photo from an Evite I’ve created for a SausageFest we’re having in late October (more on that clever name in a second)…


WHO decided that I might need WeightWatchers FOR MEN? AND when did diet food take on a gender designation?

Pretty soon they’ll be marketing discriminatory products all over the place. Can you imagine if they advertised shaving cream that won’t leave irritating bumps on African American men’s faces. Or clothes for people who might be big and/or tall? Or even cars for people who don’t know what gender they really are – hybrids! Bah, that’s just insensitive.

Well, I’m not going to take it. From now on I’m going to take my ultra-low cholesterol (it was a 9 when tested the other day and my Doctor was adamant that we keep it below 160) and gobble up some Little Debbie snack cakes.

And while I’m at it I might even let my mind wander a little or take part in a daydream. But I won’t let anyone know because they might start forcing Ritalin down my throat to ‘help’ me.

More to come…

**The SausageFest is just that…sausages. A tasting party of a dozen varieties of sausage from all over the world – NOT a mostly guy-attended party.