Dogs on Leashes? Well, it’s the law!

October 4, 2013

Recently on Facebook, a discussion over dogs running wild in the woods started. Some folks thought it was OK to let their dogs run unleashed in the woods of a state park while others thought it was wrong.

Suffice it to say the discussion got heated and has dozens of comments on the topic. Everything from fear for people’s lives to the well-being of our canine friends. I even weighed in with a pot-stirring comment of my own.

It was – “Leash law. ‘Nuf said.” Which is actually how I feel.

If there is a law, then people should obey it until that law is overturned or changed. And in a public park, especially a multi-use public park where joggers, bicyclists, hikers and horses are allowed, then dogs shouldn’t be allowed unfettered, unleashed access to the trails.

Why this is such hot-button issue speaks to a few of the failings we have as citizens.

1 – we think the laws of the land apply to other people

2 – we think our pets and our offspring can do no wrong

3 – we have lost sight that individual freedoms are allowed as long as they don’t interfere with the freedoms of others

Are people so arrogant to think they have tamed a wild animal to the point that its natural instincts have been put on hold? Dogs run after wildlife, dogs run after people, dogs have strong instinctual actions.

So, even if you’re the dog whisperer, you can’t guarantee how your dog will behave in every situation.

Obey the law and stop stepping on my freedoms just so your dog can have a fun day in the park.

I welcome your thoughts – even those that unrealistically think there should be a leash law for cats.