Doing lines and taking names

March 31, 2009

As I commented this morning to Clownface, people can’t stay within the lines.

Be it at an amusement park or in a parking lot, people are woefully incapable of following rules or remaining aware of geographic boundaries.

Is this a biproduct of our society? Is ours a place where it’s frowned upon to correct someone’s bad habits or outright ignorance?

I say ‘yes.’

Our communities are made up of people who are too timid or politically correct to call someone out when they break a rule or a law.

Tree-hugging freaks will throw red paint on fur-wearing women, but they won’t dare whisper a word when the SUV next to them has been parked so poorly it has pinned them into their Honda Insight.

Are we afraid of getting beat up?

Are we afraid of making a scene?

Get off your silent soapboxes people! It’s time that the idiots who don’t function within our understood norms get a tongue lashing. Please berate the guy who cuts in line at the post office. Leave a note on the cars that appear regularly in Bad Parking. And request that theme park personnel expel smokers, swearers and drunks from the pathways of Disney World.

We could even start enforcing (THE HORROR) airline rules that bags be able to fit on the plane. Idiots.

This land is our land…and it will be a better place to live and play when everyone obeys the rules.

More to come…