Dr. Thunder

April 27, 2008

I’ve just finished my first column for a to-be-named-later magazine and I’m sitting here watching TV and drinking Dr. Thunder.

“Dr. Pepper?” you ask.

No, Dr. Thunder. It’s a Dr. Pepper knock-off sold at W.A. L’Mart and produced by Sam’s Choice products.

Here are the things you should know about Dr. Thunder…

A prior blog entry was created solely exploring the other Dr. knock-offs. Here’s the link.

Dr. Thunder is truth in advertising. In about fourteen minutes it causes many people’s intestines to revolt. It’s probable better than castor oil at cleansing your innards.

It tastes exactly as good as Dr. Pepper.

It has more chemicals than ANY soda sold in America.

The can says it’s a product of Canada. So those people to our north are not THAT innocent.

I only have four cans left before I can stop drinking this 12-pack.

It only cost $2.40 for all 12 cans.

More to come…