Drivers Wanted

October 15, 2007

***UPDATE: Unfortunately, in today’s incident a Dr. at the hospital was killed in the crash. This furthers my hard line on testing drivers EVERY YEAR once they reach age 60. I’m also in favor of testing drivers once a year from age 16 through 25 too.

I’m guessing that VW wasn’t thinking of this woman (and many of the older folks who drive by touch) when they thought up their 2005 campaign.

If the link has expired, here is the text of the article….

Six injured when car slams into
Brockton Hospital entrance

By Milton Valencia, Globe Staff

Six people were hurt when a car slammed into the front entrance of the radiation treatment center at Brockton Hospital this afternoon

Police said the driver, a 76-year-old woman, lost control of the car about 1.30 p.m. on Centre Street and went through the front doors, hitting a reception desk.

One of the injured was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital and is in critical condition, officials said. The other victims are being treated at Brockton Hospital, including the driver.

“All of the services needed to assist these people were here immediately,” said Fire Chief Kenneth Galligan.

Posted by the Boston Globe City & Region Desk

More to come…