Duck, duck, gone

February 28, 2007

As I’m struggling with Web design – sure, 15 years of professional writing hasn’t prepared me for the nightmare that is CSS, php and HTML – I have been playing with WordPress templates.

It seems that the current theme that I’ve chosen for Bowl of Cheese doesn’t have a whole lot of sidebar room. That means I had to get rid of the duck.

He has been sent to a farm in Connecticut where he’ll enjoy quacking and chasing other ducks around a lush field of bread and ponds.

If you have suggestions for the design, let me know. My goal is to make it possible for me – Jeff Cutler – to impart my ramblings easily and clearly, with minimal distractions. I’ll soon be putting a graphical header up top and maybe tweaking the colors. But for now I think it works.

More to come…