Ducky and Brisket are Gonna be Cooked

August 11, 2009

Our cats are named after meat. As in types of meat you might find at the grocery or at the raffle at the local VFW Hall one Sunday a month.

Interestingly, the local VFW has bumped up their meat raffling to EVERY Sunday and I couldn’t be happier. But that’s a discussion about rancid meat and smoking patrons better saved for another time.

Today, I’m talking about how much trouble two cats are going to be in if they don’t shape up quickly.

Clawing the furniture is fine – we only have one chair of any consequence and that’s already in tatters. Climbing my leg, especially in shorts, is definitely old but a quick shake can fix that problem pretty fast.

What I’m focused on is the sleeping arrangements.

Do you have cats? If not, you should be aware that cats have two stages in life – “please love me a lot and I want all your attention” and “who are you again?”

The meat cats are in the former stage right now with a little psychosis tossed in at about 4:32AM daily.

And this has me playing a game (it’s actually deadly serious) of shut the doors around the house so the cats won’t claw me to death while they sprint 45 feet from one end of the bungalow to the other and then jump on the bed.

Sure, sounds like fun for you but you’re not under thin sheets with claw marks in all your 5000 parts. I am.

Therefore, if this rambunctiousness doesn’t cease soon you will see a post here titled Once Rare Felines now Well-Done.

What’s new in your animal-owning life?

More to come…