Duh Vinci Code

May 23, 2006

I actually liked the DaVinci Code Рboth the book (or audio tape) and the movie. If you’re a longtime reader of Bowl of Cheese (or Jblog as it was called back then), you’ll remember when I ranted on about the audio. I talked about the plot a little bit and marveled at how much quasi history could be imparted in just a 13-CD single book.

Well, the movie was no different except it wasn’t as long.

While some pundits and reviewers may have panned the film, I thought it moved along pretty well and only strayed from the plot of the book in three spots. The only disappointing thing Рand I’m NOT a fan of spoilers so I won’t dole out details here Рwas the way it was wrapped up.

I didn’t really agree with how the book wrapped up either, so that’s probably my issue and not Dan Brown’s.

So, if you’re totally OFF the Scientology bandwagon and need an action film, go see The DaVinci Code.

More to come…