Emotion motion

June 26, 2008

I just wrapped up a review for Macnn.com and am exhausted. The review didn’t take too much out of me physically, but mentally it was an exercise in emotive skill.

Imagine for an instant that you are a professional skateboarder. But realize that you’ve been on a skateboard once and fell off it.

Now pretend that you have to evaluate a product that takes skateboarding to a whole new level. Perhaps you’re looking at the RipStick.

OK. My product reviews aren’t nearly as taxing as those. And I assure you that I’d be fine on the RipStick because I have mad skillz, I hang with a youthful set and am dope to the max or some such righteous comment.

But after using some iPod products and beating the crap out of them for a few weeks to see how they perform, I remember how difficult it was to make a living when I was writing for MobileMag.com.

The new client’s format and product selection makes it a little easier to complete, but it’s still a challenge. Stay tuned here on Bowl of Cheese. As these reviews appear I’ll post links to them.

More to come…