Emotion quotient

May 21, 2006

This weekend I went to nutmeg’s graduation and came to realize many things:

I weep like a baby when people urge me to think about all my friends and family have done for me over time…probably the best way a mugger could get me to go quietly (aside from brandishing a gun or other weapon all the way down to a chopstick…would be to sit me down and make me think about how influential people have been in my life and how I could never repay them in kind.) This thought developed when the commencement speaker was talking about being a good person and thanking the people that kept him alive past the age of two so college was even an option.

Speaking of the age of two. I am pretty smart. Maybe not smart enough to avoid timeshare presentations or Satan Dogs, but I’ve got some general intelligence that has served me well. I realized last night that a little girl named Zoe (not the one from RI), who belongs to Bryan and Cindy, is already smarter than I was at 24. How in the world do kids suck all that information into their pea-sized heads?

Ticks are devious. While taking a shortcut through some weeds and falling miserably down the hill, a swat team of ticks took up residence at the base of my pants. Then, when they thought the coast was clear, the marched upward toward my belly. Luckily, the teacher from Burnt Hills noticed these commando ticks and we salvaged their bodies on the hot grill. Needless to say, after four showers and some naked prancing around, I’m ALMOST cured of the heebie jeebies. Stupid ticks.

As this is a “thoughts” post, here are a few quickies and then I’ve got to blast off and get to breakfast.

For SolarBoy – So Long and Thanks for All the _____.

People can surprise you in wonderful ways. Note that the Back-up has finally crossed over from the Telex machine to text messaging!!

D-Batteries are some of the heaviest battery varieties and IT’S 2006! Can’t we do away with the fat batteries by now?

My internal heater still works.

The movie French Kiss is really cute and I think I liked it more because many of the scenes were places I’ve been.

I don’t want the anthem sung in Spanish and Stephen Colbert is a genius and should be praised for saying things other have been afraid to even mention. I voted for the current president, but I’m not pleased with the path our country has taken since then.

And how do these things relate to graduation? They’re all real life and that’s what happens after college. So get ready kid, the real life is coming. And congratulations.

More to come…